4 Benefits of Using myMailHouse for FinTechs

Innovation is the lifeblood of FinTechs: using the latest technology to disrupt and evolve the finance sector, FinTechs are overseeing a financial revolution. Considering their focus on innovation, it is of some surprise that some FinTechs are still doing essential administrative tasks manually instead of using the latest tools.

One of the easiest manual tasks to automate is mailing. Tools such as myMailHouse (MMH) have refined and improved the mailing process to remove costly and time-inefficient manual steps.

 By streamlining the mailing process, myMailHouse provides businesses with four key benefits:

1. Save Time By Sending Mail in Just a Few Minutes

Using the MMH mail tool, users can send a mail job by selecting MMH as a local printer option. The file is encrypted and sent to MMH, which then puts it into the mail stream within 24 hours (if they don’t, it’s mailed for free!). No manual envelope stuffing, no buying stamps, and no mail trays – it’s quick, easy and painless. Most mail jobs take less than five minutes to complete.

2. Save 25 Percent or More on Every Mailing

MMH is not only easy; it’s cheap. FinTechs can save 25 percent or more on letters up to 3.5 ounces and still receive the same service. The saving on postage is just the tip of the iceberg: many businesses save even more money by removing the inefficient manual processes. Your employees can spend time on value-added tasks instead of on mailing documents.

3. Reduce Mail Theft and Fraud

FinTechs have an obligation to both customers and shareholders to protect the data they hold. Anytime your letter is touched, there is an opportunity for theft, fraud or a simple mistake – but even a mistake can be costly. MMH uses end-to-end encryption and automated insertion in a HIPAA/SOC 2 environment to reduce the risk to you and your customers.

4. Track Every Mail Job

When you’re sending time-critical documents, you want to know that it’s going to arrive on time. MMH allows business to track all their mail jobs using the online tracking center so that you can track your documents anytime, anywhere.

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