6 Ways MMH Makes Life Easier for Mortgage Professionals

myMailHouse (MMH) has been the answer to many professionals' prayers. No more trips to the post office and no more forgetting to send out a vital document at the end of a long work day. With MMH, sending secure documents without spending a fortune is a reality. Mortgage professionals are swimming in paperwork, from refinancing forms to first-time buyer applications. If you're working in the mortgage industry, MMH will make your life easier. Need convincing? Here are six reasons to start using MMH:

1. Easy Secure Sending MMH is simple. And, whether you're processing loans or writing new applications, simplifying the process is always a plus. With MMH, just a few clicks of your mouse will have priority and first-class mail on its way to your client.

2. Saves Valuable Time On top of being easy, MMH is fast. You will just open your mortgage document, select MMH as the printer and send it. Your document is on your way to your client within 24 hours. You will never need to make an emergency trip to the local post office on Friday afternoon, which saves time and energy.

3. Complements Remote Work To use MMH, all you need is the MMH mail tool on your desktop. That means you can get documents in motion from anywhere with a WiFi connection. If you happen to be on the go and want to get a time-sensitive document in transit, MMH comes to the rescue.

4. Impressing Clients Earning the trust of your mortgage clients will be easier when you're efficient and savvy. Using MMH means your clients get their secure documents quickly every time. When you make the mortgage application and re-fi process easy, the referrals will start rolling in.

5. Creates a Trackable Process MMH uses encryption, making it safe. But the process is also trackable, so you know when you used your credits to send documents. When you're busy, having a record of when every document went out is another thing off your piled-high plate.

6. Does not Require Equipment Working from a home office is great, but running out of ink or paper often the reality. Using MMH means you do not have to worry about staying stocked up on supplies. Likewise, you will never have to fight colleagues for using your shared office computer - once you send the document to MMH, we take care of the rest.

In the mortgage industry? Turn to MMH to make your life easier with easy, secure, first class and priority mailing at your fingertips!

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