CASS Processing Makes Your Mailing Duties Easier

In 1983, the United Postal Service (USPS) implemented a program that offered postage discounts to mailers that shared the work in preparing the mail for processing, including providing the USPS with quality addresses. This process helped the USPS manage their mailing system more cost-efficiently. Over time, the work-sharing discount program yielded inaccurate mailing addresses from address-matching software used by mailers. This issue involving invalid addresses, which resulted in the mounting number of undeliverable mail, gave birth to the CASS system.

What Is CASS?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) designed the Coding Accuracy Support System (CASS) to help business mailers improve the accuracy of mailings. It does this by verifying each address in your list against their own database of deliverable addresses in the United States. This official post office database is updated quarterly to account for changes. These can be as simple as a ZIP+4 change, replacing Drive with DR, or replacing ST with LN, for instance. Addresses that are not on the CASS list will not be used for mailings, and the certification software will reject it, saving both you and the post office money. What's more, the cost of postage for CASS-certified mailings is lower.

The CASS software will then offer up a list of “undeliverable” mail, which you can use to update your list by tracking down the correct address or removing it from your system. CASS won’t remove any information that doesn’t match. Instead, it will actually correct misspellings and zip codes to give you a cleaner mailing list.

How CASS Certified Mailing Helps You

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