How to Send Mail Securely: Tips from the CIA

You probably think nothing of popping your mail into the mailbox or through the company mailroom. However, recent statistics show that more and more mail is falling into the wrong hands and being tampered with.

The most obvious sign of tampering is a broken seal or torn envelope. While you may not be able to stop mail tampering, it is possible to deter would-be thieves.

How the CIA Protects Sensitive Mail

Many government organizations are still required to send out sensitive information via the U.S. Postal Service and the CIA is no exception. While they may not be unable to use high-tech encryption to protect snail mail, they do have a few methods designed to alert the recipient of any tampering.

One of these tricks involves a special tamper-proof tape. The CIA uses this tape to seal all envelopes and packages they send. This particular tape contains laminated glass fibers that cannot be steamed off, torn or cut without showing signs of tampering. While this level of security cannot prevent people from stealing and opening mail, it certainly acts as a strong deterrent and a reliable alert mechanism that clearly shows the mail has been tampered with.

Protect Your Mail from Tampering

While you, too, can purchase the tamper-proof tape the CIA uses to protect your mail from tampering, there are more secure ways to send your mail. At myMailHouse, we take security and mail fraud seriously. Our team understands how important the chain of custody is when it comes to mailing your most sensitive documents. Whether you need to send legal documents or time-sensitive letters, our secure mail portal provides a safe and reliable way to meet all your postal needs. Open your free account today and send your business mail to one or thousands of recipients with confidence.

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