Informed Visibility: An Innovative Platform From USPS

In a fast-paced business environment, your company needs to make decisions based on the immediate information. Because of this, you must be able to provide your organization the agility to compete in an ultra-competitive business landscape. To that end, the United States Postal Service is in the process of rolling out a platform called Informed Visibility. The platform provides companies like yours the transparency and flexibility needed to effectively compete and maximize efficiency in your mailing needs.

 What Is Informed Visibility?

The USPS introduced their enterprise mailing platform, Informed Visibility, to meet the demands of a dynamic marketplace. By providing immediate, real-time tracking abilities for all pieces of mail with an associated bar code, companies can track their mail at all points in the delivery chain. This functionality includes all letters, flats, containers and handling bundles as long as they carry the proper tracking barcode.

Once entered into the system, all mail will be instantly trackable through an integrated platform that also utilizes predictive analytics to anticipate increased mail flow. This feature provides mail inventory management tools with significantly increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Why Is Informed Visibility Important?

No matter the industry, business is constantly competitive. Competing companies are looking for an advantage wherever possible. Because of this, your organization needs to be accountable for all operations, mail included. Likewise, with the predictive modeling in the Informed Visibility platform, real-time information can optimize the efficiency of everything from billing statements to marketing campaigns. In other words, Informed Visibility gives your company abilities it cannot afford to ignore if you want to keep step with your competitors.

How Is Informed Visibility Relevant to provides streamlined mailing abilities for 22,000 different customers on a wide range of projects. MMH users expect new innovations in the platform to stay relevant and competitive in their operations. For that reason, the Informed Visibility platform is essential for MMH to provide you, the user base, any and all opportunities to improve your operations, a responsibility MMH takes to heart.

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