How to Print and Mail a QuickBooks Invoice

Did you know that 29 million small businesses use QuickBooks for their accounting needs? That means that 80% of the market relies on the technology to handle their finances - and that millions of invoices are printed and mailed every day. For a majority of businesses, sending invoices to customers can be a costly and time-consuming process. After all, employees need to spend time preparing a invoice, downloading it, then making sure it gets to the right person (not to mention following it up, etc.). But getting your invoices to your customers does not have to be hard. MyMailHouse offers businesses an easy solution for mailing their invoices - so you can spend more time doing the work, and less time trying to get paid for it.

1. Find or Create an Invoice

Once you launch QuickBooks , navigate to your Dashboard to locate the Invoices section. At the top of the tab, you'll see the Invoices tag. Click on it to create or search for the invoice you want to print. Once you've found or created your invoice, you're ready to print.

2. Select Print

Navigate to the bottom of the invoice and click on the Print or Preview button. You can preview your invoice to ensure that it has all the relevant details before you print the final copy. You have the option to print now or to print later. Once you've previewed your invoice and customized it to your preferred aesthetics, click the Save button to save the information. Now you're ready to print. Keep in mind that not all QuickBooks products offer the ability to print ; this includes the QuickBooks Self-Employed edition.

3. Mail Your Invoice

In order to send your invoice, you don't have to take it to the post office yourself. myMailHouse offers customers just like you an affordable, scalable and reliable alternative to mailing your invoices. The myMailHouse tool, accessible from your printer options in QuickBooks, allows users to send invoices via certified, first-class or priority mail securely with the click of your mouse.  Need to print a double-sided document? No problem myMailHouse offers a selection of printing preferences to choose from.

To send out your invoices on demand, simply download the tool to your computer, select your mail distribution preference, and click send.

The Takeaway

Getting your QuickBooks invoice out by mail is as simple as producing and integrating myMailHouse - so you can quickly automate the process and save yourself time and money.

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